Waste Dumped and Set Ablaze in Aravalli Along Faridabad-Gurugram Road

December 14, 2023 – (Faridabad): In the wake of an ongoing strike lasting for almost two months, more than 30 locations in the city have transformed into unauthorized dumping grounds. Among these sites, the Aravalli region stands out as one of the most affected areas, where waste is not only being dumped but also set ablaze, raising concerns among local residents and environmentalists.

The strike, initiated two months ago, has led to a drastic shift in waste disposal patterns, resulting in a surge of makeshift dumping sites across the city. The Aravalli region, known for its ecological significance, has become a focal point due to the dumping of waste and subsequent burning.

Local residents and environmentalists have expressed distress over the situation. Vaishali Rana Chandra, an environmentalist, remarked, “It has been more than a month since they started bringing waste here and burning it. It’s disheartening that not only the waste mafia but also appointed contractors are engaging in such practices.”

In response to the escalating crisis, on Wednesday, Gurugram Municipal Commissioner P.C. Meena directed sanitation teams to establish a monitoring mechanism for these 30 sensitive locations. The move aims to address the environmental degradation and health hazards posed by the unchecked dumping and burning of waste.

The strike has not only disrupted regular waste management services but has also prompted illegal disposal practices. The city, grappling with the aftermath of the prolonged strike, is witnessing an alarming increase in unauthorized dumping grounds, with the Aravalli region bearing the brunt of these adverse effects.

As environmental concerns heighten and residents voice their grievances, authorities are under increasing pressure to resolve the strike and implement effective waste management strategies to mitigate the impact on the environment and public health. The inspection teams deployed by the Municipal Commissioner indicate a step towards controlling the situation, but a comprehensive and sustainable solution remains imperative.

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